Crime Rate in South Florida

Crime rates in south florida

The crime rate in South Florida is highest compared to most states. According to the research, South Florida ranks as the third least safe state in the United States after Louisiana and Mississippi. As posted by Disaster Center, the FBI UCS annual crime report indicates an increasing crime rate trend in all areas that include robbery, rape, and murder. 

Florida also has the highest number of reckless drivers driving under the influence resulting in an increased pedestrian death rate. In this post, we’ll discuss what crime rate is, discover statistics of crime in South Florida and what you should consider.

What is Crime Rate? 

Crime rate refers to the number of crimes committed at a particular period and location.

Statistics About the Crime Rate In South Florida

According to the FBI UCS annual crime report, some crimes have shown an increasing trend while others have a decreasing trend. For instance, in the last decade, violent, property, robbery, assault, and burglary crimes have indicated a decreasing trend. In 2010, the violent reported crimes rate stood at 101,969, while in 2019, this crime decreased to 81,270. 

Between 2010 and 2019, South Florida reported a total of 1675 pedestrian deaths. 

What Are The High Crime Areas In South Florida?

While south Florida has been ranked top three of high-crime states in America, some cities are much safer than others. According to the FBI annual crime data, the top five most dangerous cities in South Florida include:

Miami Beach

Crime rate in south florida

While Miami Beach is known to be the best thing that Florida has to offer, it is also a hot spot for high crimes. With a population of 414,327 people, there is a 15% chance of one becoming a victim. The presence of tourists and visitors increases property and robbery crimes above average.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is another hot spot for crime in South Florida. Property crime is the leading with 6,347 in 100k people, which is significantly higher than the overall state average. 

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is another city with high rates of violent crimes of 1,137 per 100k residents.

Key West

There is a 14% chance of becoming a crime victim in Key West. The overall crime rate is 67 per every 100 residents. Property crime is higher than violent crime in this city. 

Fort Lauderdale

The risk of crime rate in Fort Lauderdale is one in every fifteen residents. Violent crimes are considered the highest in these parts.

Tips to Consider While Searching For a Neighborhood to Purchase a Home in South Florida

Are you considering purchasing a home in South Florida, but you are not sure of the best neighborhood? There are numerous factors to consider. While most states have crime in one form or another, it’s always good to check out the crime rates in the particular city you’re eyeing to purchase a home. Consult with reputable house selling agents who know the area and are committed to serving clients in Florida guide you.

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing A Home In South Florida

Crime Rate

While south Florida is notoriously known as a hot spot for crimes, some neighborhoods are safer than others. You can use many online tools for research to compare and develop the most suitable environment to raise a family or retire.

Accordion Style Hurricane Shutter

Hurricanes are prevalent in Florida and can hit any time. When they come, you need to be prepared to avoid time-wasting and the high cost of fixing those barriers. Instead, look for a house that is already equipped with this security.


Pool in south Florida home

One of the reasons you moved to Florida was for its weather. If you’ve decided that a pool is a must, ensure the homes you are looking at have a swimming pool. During summer, temperatures can be very high. Putting a swimming pool later can be very expensive.

Property Tax

It is essential to know if you can afford the property tax of a particular home before purchase. Luckily, real estate agents like Bello Real Estate can assist in calculating the property tax thus, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects the new property owner from the claims of a third party, including the previous owner. Suppose the property is in Miami-Dade or Broward counties. In that case, it is customary for the buyer to choose the title company and pay the insurance. However, in other counties, the buyer pays for the lender’s policy while the seller pays for the owner’s policy.

Bottom Line

Florida is a great state to retire or bring up children due to its beautiful beaches and outdoor activities. Don’t let the statistics sway you from buying a home here. Make sure you’re informed and educated on what to look for. 

Need Help from an Expert?

Bello Real Estate is determined to provide excellent housing option services to its South Florida clients. While choosing a home in South Florida can be challenging, it is essential to consider working closely with an expert agent. Contact Bello Real Estate today and let’s discuss your options!

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